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‘Make no mistake: the next six months won’t be pretty’
‘Make no mistake: the next six months won’t be pretty’
The era of negative interest rates on government bonds is over, but the moment when government bonds will again generate both portfolio protection and returns
Euro note excerpt. Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr CC BY 20.0
As yields rise, interest in Euro government bonds picks up
As yields increase, several fund houses have recently bought European government bonds, following the 'huge sell-off' in this market. In the meantime, commodities should ease
Federal Reserve
Bond investors on the edge of their seat
Investors awaiting higher yields on government bonds have systematically been missing out for four decades. While market rates are rising, bondholders remain on the edge
Charles-Henri Kerkhove, Fidelity
2022 to be capital markets tipping point year
2022 will be another exciting year for financial markets. Investors operate in an environment of persistent inflation, foggy central bank policy and uncertainty about the
Sander Bus, Robeco
Junk bonds no longer high yielding
“Due to the search for yield, a “shut up and take my money” sentiment is starting to emerge in the world of high-yield corporate bonds
James Beaumont, Natixis IM
Two major concerns of multi-asset investors
Every day, Natixis IM's head of multi asset James Beaumont and his team wonder how much higher the equity markets can go. Yet, according to
'IG corporate bonds will remain more attractive than govvies'
Investment grade corporate bonds remain more attractive than core European government bonds, which are bound to deliver negative returns of 3-5% in the coming years