Editorial Policy of Investment Officer

Editorial Policy of Investment Officer

The primary goal of Investment Officer is to provide investment professionals with high-quality, timely and relevant content on events and developments related to their profession, and to provide context and analysis. Investment Officer aims to be a leading source of insights, journalistic analyses, and news for professionals working in this sector.

Investment Officer is part of the FD Mediagroup, which also includes Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR, Company Info, Energeia, ESB, and Pensioen Pro, as well as London-based IPE and Impact Investor. Investment Officer is part of the FD Business cluster. Since 1997, the owner has been HAL Investments.

The editorial team of Investment Officer operates independently; the content of the publications is not subject to approval from the management or the owner. The independent position of Investment Officer is enshrined in the editorial statute. The purpose and target audience of Investment Officer are outlined in an editorial formula.

Our journalistic approach is as follows:

  • The editorial team is responsible for selecting topics and sources for articles. This selection is the result of careful consideration of the available options. Based on knowledge and experience, the editorial team filters these options using criteria of newsworthiness, relevance, and (in terms of sources) reliability.

  • We practice balanced reporting. If someone makes a claim in our articles, we verify it or ask for evidence.

  • We clearly identify the sources on which our articles are based.

  • We provide context so that readers understand why we report something or why we consider it important.

  • We are reluctant to rely on anonymous sources for our articles. When this happens, this is done only after consultation with the chief editor. These sources are fully disclosed to the chief editor.

  • We never copy or rewrite content from other media without citing the source.

  • Our quotations are accurate.

  • We report only what we know, not what we suspect.

  • We report rumors only if they have been noted by other reliable media and can influence markets. We always clearly state that it is a rumor and immediately seek confirmation. This is made clear to the reader.

  • On occasion, we offer interviewees an opportunity to conduct factual reviews only if agreed upon in advance. This offer includes an agreed time for the interviewed party to respond. If they do not respond within the agreed time, the article is published. As per this editorial policy, only the editorial team of Investment Officer is responsible for the published text.

  • Investment Officer follows its own style guide, determining our writing style and choices.

  • Telephone conversations may be recorded only if all parties in the conversation consent. Every recording is securely stored and kept only as long as necessary for relevant journalistic purposes. There are exceptions, such as for investigative journalism in the public interest, where it may be acceptable to record a phone conversation without consent for journalistic purposes. Employees may not do this without first obtaining permission from the chief editor.

  • For audio and video publications, the editorial team decides whether to use the conversation or recording and which parts. Everything said during the recording by the interviewee is on the record unless otherwise agreed upon in advance with the consent of both the interviewee and the interviewer.

  • Since Investment Officer operates websites in multiple countries and languages, we decide which websites are appropriate for publication of an article. We ensure that translations align with the language and style of the respective country.

This editorial policy has been carefully composed by the editorial team of Investment Officer, inspired in part by the editorial principles of Het Financieele Dagblad.