Wouter van Overfelt, Vontobel
EM debt a paradise for active investors
“The world needs to be prepared for a debt crisis in emerging markets. Rising interest rates will draw capital away from vulnerable countries”, warned Kristalina
Oil refinery stock shot
ING adjusts portfolios to turbulent energy market
While the price of gas shot through the roof last week, it seems that a real energy crisis can be avoided in the short term
Martine Vissers and Niels Bodenheim
Is illiquidity in private markets still an issue?
The question is whether the illiquidity of private markets is still an issue if the market becomes more volatile again. Especially when you realise that
Old and young 
Comment: ageing population to increase inflation
To a large extent, the current inflation level is a consequence of the coronavirus crisis. That is the main argument for labelling it temporary. However
Christine Lagarde, ECB 
Economic analysis: the start of the tightening cycle
The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the ECB have all started to tighten. The Fed thinks that by the middle of next year
Guy Wagner, Banque de Luxembourg Investments
BLI’s Guy Wagner sees a second inflation wave risk
Guy Wagner of Banque de Luxembourg Investments believes that Western economies will emerge weakened by the health crisis, with higher inflation and huge private debt. His fund is defensively positioned, despite an equity exposure close to 70% of assets under management.
James Beaumont, Natixis IM
Two major concerns of multi-asset investors
Every day, Natixis IM's head of multi asset James Beaumont and his team wonder how much higher the equity markets can go. Yet, according to
Climate protest image
Han Dieperink: more inflation thanks to IPCC report
The IPCC report is widely seen as disturbing and alarming. The urgency is clear. The most important consequence for investors is that it will lead to more inflation. After all, the report's obvious aim is that more must be done to combat global warming.
Vincent Mortier
Amundi: A monetary policy mistake is now the biggest risk
A monetary policy mistake is now a very big risk about which markets are not taking sufficient account. Tightening at the wrong time could trigger
Stefan Duchateau
Commentary: Time is running out and inflation is rising
Only the first statement is certain. The first half of 2021 has gone by so quickly that we haven't had a chance to pay proper