IO Talks

Techleap’s Constantijn van Oranje on tech investments, venture capital and AI


This edition of IO talks hears from Constantijn van Oranje, who leads Amsterdam-based Techleap, a Dutch government-sponsored tech investment initiative. He speaks to Investment Officer's Raymond Frenken about the global business climate for technology investments, rising interest rates and inflation, artificial intelligence, the new Nato Investment Fund where he serves on the board, as well as his qualified enthusiasm for technology. 

Institutional investment portfolios in Europe could do with more venture capital, especially when it comes to making green impact investments, he said.

“It's pretty ridiculous that our institutional investors are not actually investing in that space,” said Van Oranje. “When it comes to the portfolio of investments of Dutch and European institutional investors, venture capital is still far too small. If you compare that to the US, where for instance the Yale Endowment fund has 20 per cent invested, you know, it’s a completely different ballpark. We miss that.”

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