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Schroders publishes its first impact investment report

Schroders is today publishing its first impact report, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to impact investing and dedication to delivering positive societal and environmental outcomes on behalf of its clients. 

This launch is the culmination of investment and integration following Schroders' acquisition of impact investing pioneer BlueOrchard in 2019 which resulted in the development of Schroders’ proprietary Impact Framework. This Impact Framework has been independently verified by BlueMark, a leading independent provider of impact verification services in the impact investing market. Schroders is the only large diversified asset manager to feature in BlueMark’s Practice Leaderboard.

Schroders Impact Report provides a comprehensive summary of the tangible impacts being delivered by our Impact Driven investment range. It showcases the firm's dedication to measuring and reporting the outcomes of its Impact Driven portfolios to clients.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the contribution our portfolios make to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as an overview of the engagement activities undertaken for the listed companies held within our Impact Driven funds. 

In addition, it provides insights into the climate performance of Schroders’ portfolios, encompassing their emissions profile and the climate risks they are navigating, as well as the potential climate transition investment opportunities which have been identified.

Schroders’ Group Chief Executive, Peter Harrison, said: 

“The publication of our first impact report is a real step forward in ensuring our clients can clearly see the tangible positives of their investments. We are proud to have built an industry-leading impact capability that spans a range of industries, geographies, and expertise. 

“We have benefited from close collaboration with our colleagues at BlueOrchard, who have played a core role in establishing Schroders’ Impact Framework, as well as the wider development of our Impact Driven Range.”

To date, Schroders Impact Driven range has invested in companies, funds and assets supporting 504,646 people including 91,569 with healthcare services, 36,068 with digital services and 67,763 with financial services. This is Schroders’ positive attributed impact, which is the impact associated with the firm’s investment size, as of 31 December 2023[1]

Schroders Impact Driven range includes 20 funds[2] focused on a broad spectrum of asset classes and geographies, including listed and private equity and debt, infrastructure, real estate, and multi-private asset solutions. It represents approximately $5.25bn in assets under management[3] across Schroders, Schroders Capital and BlueOrchard. Last month, Schroders announced the launch of the Schroder ISF[4] European Equity Impact fund, further broadening the range.

The funds are designed to address global challenges across a range of impact themes, including Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Environment, Responsible Consumption and Production and Sustainable Infrastructure, targeting a range of UN SDGs and SDG targets. 

All funds within Schroders Impact Driven range follow the same Impact Framework, which was built in close collaboration with impact pioneer BlueOrchard, leveraging its 20+ years of impact investing expertise. 

The industry-leading framework[5] allows the group to report on impact both at an aggregate level, as well as at single asset class or fund levels. This further demonstrates the firm’s commitment to integrating impact across the investment process of its Impact Driven range. 

Schroders’ Global Head of Impact and BlueOrchard’s Deputy CEO and Chief Impact and Blended Finance Officer, Maria Teresa Zappia, said:

“This report is a result of the close and successful integration of BlueOrchard’s decades of impact investing experience alongside the expertise of our colleagues across Schroders, Schroders Capital and Cazenove Capital. 

“Our impact investing framework enables us to deliver impact at an aggregate level across sectors, asset cases and client segments, setting us apart from others in the industry. We are excited to continue meeting the growing demand for impact products, solutions and vehicles from our diverse client base.”

To view Schroders’ first impact report in full, please click here

[1]It represents the total number of customers impacted by the assets Schroders invests in multiplied by the share of the company or asset owned.

[2] The full list of funds part of our Impact Driven range can be found page 8 of our Impact Report.

[3] As of 31 December 2023

[4] Schroder International Selection Fund

[5] It leverages existing best practice and the latest industry standards, including GIIN’s Iris+, the Operating Principles for Impact Management and Impact Frontiers, and received top ratings by independent verification service provider BlueMark in 2023. This resulted in Schroders being the only large, diversified asset manager amongst BlueMark’s top 10 Leaderboard Practice.