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These are the winners of the Morningstar Awards Luxembourg 2021 Category Equity

Morningstar Awards 2021

Morningstar announces the winners of the Morningstar Awards 2021. We hand out our prestigious awards to funds and fund houses that not only delivered a strong performance in 2020, but also beat their competitors over the past five years. The finalists and winners have clearly demonstrated their skills and added value for investors. They are among the best in their category based on their excellent risk-adjusted returns. Morningstar congratulates all finalists, and above all, the winners, for their outstanding performance and winning their coveted Morningstar Awards.

Although the winners of the Morningstar Awards deserve praise, it should be noted that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Nonetheless, this year's winners include several funds and fund houses that have won or been nominated for Morningstar Awards in the past. In some instances, the top three in a particular category has beaten hundreds of competing offerings. That is a testimony to excellent fund management.

Europe Equities

DNCA Invest Europe Growth

Morningstar Rating: ****

Morningstar Analyst Rating: -

Morningstar about DNCA Invest Europe Growth:

The winning fund has benefitted from its consistent tilt to growth companies and its preference for high-momentum stocks. It selects stocks across the market cap spectrum and favors healthcare stocks, which helped it to outperform 85% of its peers over the past five years.


Global Equities

Fidelity Global Focus Fund

Morningstar Rating: *****

Morningstar Analyst Rating: -

Morningstar about Fidelity Global Focus Fund:

This fund’s performance ranks in the top decile of its category over the past one, three and five years. Strong stock selection across sectors has been the key driver of returns for this well-diversified fund. It has outperformed its benchmark last year in every quarter, making it a worthy winner of this award.

Today we have revealed the winners in the equity categories, tomorrow 17th of March we will announce the winners in the Euro-Bond and Allocation funds categories, followed by the publication of the winners of the fund house awards on Thursday 18 March. We hereby would like to congratulate all finalists with this major achievement in a highly competitive landscape.