Cookie policy


On its websites, FD Mediagroep makes use of cookies, which are small files sent to you along with a web page and stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive or on a mobile device.

What they do

The use of cookies by FD Mediagroep allows you to log in to the website and to store your settings. Additional cookies are used on our website to track which pages you visit.

Advertisers require to know how often an advertisement is displayed and cookies should be used to avoid advertisements being repeated unnecessarily. Cookies allow advertising to be targeted more accurately.

Who sends cookies 

Both FD Mediagroep and our advertisers make use of cookies on our web page. Third-party cookies are only permitted on a selective basis and FD Mediagroep works only with trusted partners.

Data protection

FD Mediagroep processes your personal details with the greatest possible care. Our privacy statement gives you more information on data protection and cookies.

Refusing cookies 

You may remove cookies from your hard drive or turn them off in your browser settings at any time. Either refer to the instructions for setting your browser’s preferences or follow the steps explained below.

Switching off cookies does not necessarily mean that you will not receive any further advertising. The number of adverts will not change. Please note that switching off cookies can affect how a website functions. Switching off cookies is only of effect as regards the computer and browser for which you set the preference. If you use different browsers and/or computers, the process needs to be repeated for each browser on each device whose preferences you wish to set.