Jeroen Blokland, founder of True Insights.
Chart of the week: why easy? Difficult is also possible!
No, this is not a column about the Netherlands' performance at the World Cup. Although, of course, the title fits this seamlessly. This column is
Raymond Frenken, editorial manager of Investment Officer Luxembourg.
In Flux: Where there’s smoke…
Luxembourg last week was buzzing with speculation and market talk. A major deal is said to be in the making that could change the international
New Luxembourg valuation association LVPA is big deal for private equity
New valuation association is a big deal for private equity
The new Luxembourg Valuation Professionals Association, or LVPA, was launched this week. It's is a boost to the grand duchy's reputation as a private equity powerhouse, demonstrating that we have outgrown the early days of “let’s figure out what’s going on here”, and want to live up to the high expectations of the international investor community, writes Nic Müller, CEO of Avega Capital Management SA.
Martin Groos, Member of the Management Board Universal Investment Luxembourg
Forward looking ESG analysis is key for creating trust 
With the prominent focus on ESG, asset managers find themselves in a challenging position: On the one hand, they rely increasingly on ESG ratings, not
Justin de Ridder, Nectar
The housing market crisis is in full swing in some places
Although inflation has made its comeback in Western economies after decades of oblivion (the great moderation), in public discourse on the housing market, the impact
Jeroen Blokland, founder of True Insights.
Graph of the week: Inverted yield curve? Don't panic
As might be expected, the US 10-year - 3-month yield curve has also turned negative. This inversion means that the two traditional yield curves with
In Flux: Luxembourg maintains market share in funds
In Flux: It’s like we lost Taiwan, or Canada
The data leaves no doubt about it. This year is a tough one for investors everywhere. It’s very clear in the numbers reported this week
Enough to drive you crazy
In an earlier column here I defended Liz Truss andI expressed support not so much for the content of her policies as for their intention
Chart of the week: inflation drives lower, not higher profits
Corporate profits will not fall even if economic growth declines, because of inflation. That is the thinking many investors have when it comes to expected
Han Dieperink
The effect of inflation on corporate earnings 
The big difference between bonds and equities is that cash flows in bonds are fixed in advance. It makes inflation the great enemy of bonds