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ESG criteria, practices could transform liquid alternatives
Sustainable investing may be taking the wider investment fund world by storm, especially in Europe. But when it comes to liquid alternative funds, the sustainable
Guy Warner, CIO at BLI Banque Luxembourg Investments. Photo: BLI.
BLI’s Wagner expects deeper global slowdown in 2023
Although the global economy finds itself in a slowdown phase, it continues to demonstrate resilience thanks to domestic consumption in the US and government relief
EIB issues first digital bond under Luxembourg law
EIB issues blockchain-backed bond under Luxembourg law
Developments in Luxembourg legislation have enabled the European Investment Bank, the EIB, to issue for the first time a digital bond under Luxembourg law. In
'There won't be a recession in Europe,‘ says DWS
‘There won’t be a recession in Europe,’ says DWS
The most predicted recession ever is not coming at all. At least, not in Europe. According to DWS, the record-negative figures do not correspond to
Infrastructure funds adapt to changing circumstances
Infrastructure funds adapt to changing circumstances
Infrastructure investing has looked like a very good business in recent years. Initially, interest in infrastructure was due to its role as a long-term, inflation-resistant
CSRD: Industry left ‘to pick up ESG data pieces,’ says Efama
CSRD: Industry left ‘to pick up ESG data pieces,’ says Efama
Following in the footsteps of the European Parliament earlier this month, the Council of the EU on Monday finalised the legislative process by adopting the
The CEO debate at EFAMA's 2022 Investment Management Forum in Brussels.
Efama forum: 'TINA is gone, and that’s not a bad thing'
TINA - There Is No Alternative - is gone. That’s not a bad thing. And don't write off the 60/40 portfolio just yet. And the
Fidelity International.
Luxembourg now is Fidelity’s main Benelux hub
Following an internal reorganisation, all of Fidelity International's Benelux sales offices are now supported from Luxembourg, which has been given a “hub” function within the
Olivier Brouwers, CEO of Amundi Belgium.
Olivier Brouwers appointed as CEO at Amundi Belgium
Europe’s largest asset manager Amundi has appointed Olivier Brouwers as its chief executive officer in Belgium. In this role, Brouwers will also be responsible for
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Imbalance between private and public markets troubles investors
Private market investments have become overweight in institutional portfolios following this year’s substantial declines in public markets. Half of investors are waiting “as long as necessary” for this dislocation to subside. The other half is concerned, a new survey by Bfinance shows. The report is of particular interest to Luxembourg, where interest in private assets and alternative investments has increased significantly in recent years.