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Jeroen Blokland
Chart of the week: valuation as decisive factor
Valuation is often not the immediate trigger for a stock market turnaround. But it is a decisive factor in the amount of upward or downward
Wall St. bull market
Forty years of the bull market
Forty years ago this week the bull market started in the United States. Not just any bull market, but the biggest bull market ever. Despite
Economist's view: the ten surprises of 2021
Every year there are surprises at the trade fair, although there seem to have been more in 2021. A surprise is something that the vast
The reckoning
2021, can we settle the score?
Traditionally, the first outlooks for the coming year trickle in from September onwards. With sometimes a quarter of a year still to go, strategists start
Balanced portfolio 
Economist's view: balanced portfolio does not protect now
Since the 1980s, a balanced portfolio has been a great alternative to a full – highly offensive – equity portfolio. A balanced portfolio typically consists
Joost van Leenders, VLK
European equities preferred to US equities
The US stock market is always more expensive than other markets. However, America's premium over Europe is now so high that betting on Europe may
Keith Ney, Carmignac
Carmignac: growth companies still making a difference
Keith Ney of Carmignac has said stock markets are still in a favourable climate. China remains an interesting country in which to invest, both for
US elections coming up - Why you should stay invested
It’s less than six weeks to the US presidential elections. Capital Group has made a few rules of thumb for investors to give some guidance