private debt

Martine Vissers and Niels Bodenheim
Is illiquidity in private markets still an issue?
The question is whether the illiquidity of private markets is still an issue if the market becomes more volatile again. Especially when you realise that
Guy Wagner, Banque de Luxembourg Investments
BLI’s Guy Wagner sees a second inflation wave risk
Guy Wagner of Banque de Luxembourg Investments believes that Western economies will emerge weakened by the health crisis, with higher inflation and huge private debt. His fund is defensively positioned, despite an equity exposure close to 70% of assets under management.
Valeria Merkel, KPMG
Luxembourg the new hub for private debt funds
Assets under management of Luxembourg-domiciled private debt funds have risen by 36% to €108 billion in 2020, according to the KPMG/ALFI Private Debt Fund Survey