OECD says more rate hikes needed as world economy slows 
OECD: more rate hikes needed as war slows world economy
The world economy is slowing down at a faster pace than expected as a result of the consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Organisation
Luxembourgers love their cash deposits, remain risk-averse
For a country that is well established as a global leader in investment funds, one might expect its people to embrace more risk when it
Emil Stavrev, IMF, from UEL
Impact of OECD “structured formal garden” for tax rules
The new corporate taxation rules from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) join earlier reforms that collectively pose economic and fiscal risks to
Keith O’Donnell, Chair of the ALFI tax commission
Luxembourg and new OECD tax rules
Luxembourg business representatives have said that the OECD’s Inclusive Framework Pillar One and Two corporate income tax proposals contain risks of excessive complexity, could put state tax authorities under pressure, increase the likelihood of litigation and could put competitiveness at risk.
Windfall, USD
Possible massive tax windfall from OECD tax deal 
The global deal to impose a 15% minimum effective tax rate on multinational businesses could result is a substantial tax windfall for Luxembourg. National statistics office STATEC estimates €5.1bn of new tax revenue could result, equating to 38.5% of the country’s total tax take.