climate change

There is no planet B. Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash CC BY 2.0
Grow to fight climate crisis
More economic growth means more population growth, according to Thomas Malthus. The demographer and preacher believed that food production is linear and population growth exponential
 Cathie Wood, ARK Innovation ETF. Photo by Ark. Select this item ETF. Image: via Flickr CC BY 2.0
JP Morgan AM and Pictet both launch new impact funds
JP Morgan Asset Management and Pictet separately announced the launch on Tuesday of new climate change solutions funds. Both funds seek to invest in companies
JP Morgan's offices in London. With $81 billion, the US bank is the largest funder of fossil fuels in 2020-2021. Photo by Håkan Dahlström via Flickr.
Climate: banks produce ‘white noise, no real substance'
“It is not five minutes to twelve, but one minute to twelve,” said Detlef van Vuuren, one of the Dutch scientists who collaborated on the
Coal mining and electricity production in Bełchatów, Poland. Photo CC via Flickr.
‘Switch to low carbon era may disrupt financial system’
An abrupt and disorderly transition to a low carbon economy risks disrupting the financial system as a sudden implementation of climate change mitigation policies can
Tower of Babel, Breughel 
Analysis: is EU now the turtle of sustainability?
Just a few weeks after the UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, one of the European Commission's most important initiatives in recent years is under
Nicola Rawlinson, JP Morgan AM
JP Morgan fund increases short positions in equities
The exuberance in the equity markets is a little too much for the managers of JP Morgan's €6 billion Global Macro Opportunities Fund. “This was
Diane Griffioen, ABP 
ABP's risk/return ratio: a false dilemma
As an example of the pressure put on the financial sector to respond to the urgency of climate change, Dutch education and government sector employee
Coal-fired power station
Roadmap to CO2 neutrality: exclude or engage?
With the upcoming COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the pressure on pension funds to green their investment portfolios increases. At the same time, the
Willem Schramade, Sustainable Finance Factory
Climate transition offers fundamental investors opportunities
Floods, the Shell verdict, EU climate plans: climate change is coming to you and is increasingly becoming a factor in investment decisions. How do you
Jai Jacob, Lazard Asset Management
Lazard AM: create your own asset classes today
Jai Jacob, managing director and fund manager in Lazard Asset Management's multi-asset investment team, creates his own asset classes because traditional subdivisions no longer suffice