CSSF’s Marx: Efficiency focus is also in the interests of investors
CSSF’s Marx: Efficiency focus also in interests of investors
Financial regulators across the European Union next year will embark on a comprehensive review of costs that investment firms charge to investors for their investment funds. Claude Marx, director general of Luxembourg financial supervisor CSSF, speaking at the Alfi private assets conference on Wednesday, elaborated on some of the next steps. The industry, he said, needs to maintain its focus on efficiency, which also is in the interests of investors.
The EU is struggling to unlock the power of financial markets and give them a bigger role in the economy, like in the US, where market finance is more widely accepted. Photo: PxHere CC0 public domain
Europe remains addicted to debt as CMU fails to deliver
A widening equity gap and a subdued securitisation market are clear signs that the European Union is failing to deliver on its ambitious Capital Markets Union plan to boost the popularity of risk capital and financial markets, a fresh industry report warned on Thursday.
As CSSF cost review draws ire, ministry points to fund law upgrade 
CSSF’s Ucits, AIF fund cost review draws ire
Luxembourg financial supervisor CSSF, a long-time ally for Luxembourg’s booming fund industry, is drawing reluctant criticism from some people in the sector over its recently announced initiative to review pricing mechanisms for Ucits and AIF investment funds. Responding to press questions in this context, the finance ministry signalled that “certain features” of Luxembourg’s fund legislation will be modernised “in the near future”.
FATF visit to Luxembourg: what to expect and when
FATF visit to Luxembourg: what to expect and when
The exact arrival dates of the Financial Action Task Force on-site assessors in Luxembourg remain a secret, so expect them to arrive anytime soon. The
Decentralised cybersecurity approach made ‘by design’
‘Decentralised cybersecurity approach is made by design’
The head of Luxembourg’s new private sector cyber-risk protection agency has defended the grand duchy’s approach against suggestions that it’s too fragmented and that it’s difficult to know who’s in charge. On the contrary, Luxembourg’s decentralised approach is finding a following elsewhere in Europe, starting with France, Pascal Steichen tells Investment Officer. “It’s a heterogeneous way of working. It is by design.”
FCA proposes three labels for sustainability funds
FCA proposes three ESG labels, sets threshold at 90%
The UK's Financial Conduct Authority on Wednesday presented its long-awaited proposal for sustainable investment rules, going a step further than similar rules in the EU and US by suggesting three different sustainability labels for investment funds instead of two. And unlike the EU, the FCA now has proposed a 90% threshold for the most sustainable investment funds.
LFF: finance requires significant changes to keep up with jobs market
LFF: finance requires a change to keep up with jobs market
Luxembourg’s financial institutions need to swiftly make significant changes in order to keep up with the changing labour market if they want to continue attracting
It's ‘game over’ for housing markets, says UBS Bubble Report
UBS Bubble Report: it's ‘game over’ for housing markets
Housing markets in major cities across the world face a “prolonged stagnation” in purchase prices and a price correction. House owners and real estate investors
Synchronised housing market downturn triggers nerve pains 
Synchronised housing market downturn triggers nerve pains
As real estate markets worldwide move in tandem by showing clear signs of a downturn, two major international financial bodies this week have reiterated their concerns over the housing market’s potential impact on financial stability. Both the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund have raised a red flag. Investment Officer looks for answers to some key questions a moment that mortgage rates are at their highest since 2006.
IMF: illiquid funds risk adding to volatility, market shocks
Investment funds that hold illiquid, hard-to-sell assets and that calculate their net asset value on a daily basis can trigger volatility and add to the