Christine Lagarde, ECB 
Economist commentary: the stability of the financial system
Money only has value if there is a relationship with the value created in the real economy. So the value of money is not determined
Oilrigger at work
Commentary: new oil crisis imminent
Ultimately, the price of oil is determined by supply and demand. What is special about the oil price is that, in theory, there are several
Stefan Duchateau
Commentary: Time is running out and inflation is rising
Only the first statement is certain. The first half of 2021 has gone by so quickly that we haven't had a chance to pay proper
It's the dollar, stupid!
Central banks and governments around the world are once again engaged in a 'currency devaluation' contest. The US dollar has been on a sharp downward
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Will gold keep going higher?
While everyone is watching the main US stock indices break records day after day thanks to FAMANG stocks, the gold price also keeps creeping higher