‘A good company is not necessarily a good stock’
Financial markets do relatively well when it comes to predicting the future. Collective wisdom is ultimately translated into share prices. Index investors benefit from this
Jeroen Blokland
Chart of the week: did growth stocks lose their lustre?
For years, US technology stocks have beaten the rest of the market. And not by much. This trend was reinforced by the Covid crisis, which
Euro sign at the ECB tower in Frankfurt.
Next euro crisis is looming
After Russia, the eurozone is probably the big loser in the Ukrainian war. Not so much politically or strategically, but economically. The eurozone economy was
Position of the 'Nasdaq generals' is faltering
The Nasdaq is in a clear downtrend. It is still being held up by the 'generals', the big tech heavyweights such as Alphabet, Microsoft and
Jeroen Blokland, founder of True Insights.
Chart of the week: Homes unaffordable?
Mortgage rates and home prices are skyrocketing worldwide. That is not good news for housing affordability. The graph below shows the relationship between the one-year
In Flux: Europe’s own SEC
Luxembourg loves the new new thing, especially when it comes to financial legislation. The big question is: what should be next? The Grand Duchy may
Oil exploration. Photo via Unsplash.
Demand for oil grows at the drop of a hat
Major investors like Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs are increasing their positions in oil stocks. Buffett recently bought large positions in Chevron and Occidental Petroleum
Jeroen Blokland
Chart of the week: managers remain overweight on risk
The latest edition of the Bank of America Global Fund Manager Survey shows that fund managers are still overweight equities while their expectations of future
Chart of the week: Rising rates reduce appeal of stocks
Bond yields have shot up worldwide. The US 10-year yield stands at 2.90 percent compared to 1.50 percent at the beginning of the year. This
Green inflation
For the moment, inflation is largely caused by a sharp increase in energy prices. Two years ago, the oil price was negative for a while