Jeroen Blokland, founder of True Insights.
Graph of the week: Eurozone is down but not out
After consistently recording fat pluses over the past decade, the euro area's trade balance has sunk deep into the red. For years, international trade contributed
Jerome Powell, President of the Federal Reserve.
Probably the best and worst year ever for bonds
This will probably be the worst but also the best year for bonds ever. Rising interest rates and credit spreads are causing hefty price losses
Jeroen Blokland, founder of True Insights.
Chart of the Week: Housing as the next domino
Activity in the US housing market is rapidly declining. New home sales fell more than 12 per cent in July, the biggest drop since February
Dr Sofia Harrschar, country head Luxembourg, Universal Investment. Photo: UI.
Sofia Harrschar: Investors find stability in alternatives
Economic insecurities on a broad scale are increasingly impacting the decision making of institutional investors. With continuously high volatilities in equities and, as an effect
Chart of the week: A few rate hikes, but then what?
In retrospect, we can say that central banks used the annual Jackson Hole symposium to revive their credibility as inflation fighters. This also applies to
Chart of the week: the yuan as sentiment indicator
With China using interest rates again to defuse the property crisis, and the Federal Reserve making clear in Jackson Hole that it will continue to
Han Dieperink: the added value of low volatility
The added value of low volatility
Low-risk stocks do better in the long run than high-risk stocks. For the record, this story equates risk with movement or, in stock market jargon
ECB fails since 1999!
The ECB fails since 1999!
“In accordance with Article 105(1) of the Treaty, the primary objective of the ESCB shall be to maintain price stability.” “Without prejudice to the objective
Chart of the week: German inflation nearing 10%
Chart of the week: German inflation nearing 10%
It was a huge shock. The 37.2 percent increase in German producer prices, or PPI, for July that the Statistisches Bundesamt announced last week. Not
Jan Vergote is a former chief strategist at Belfius Bank and set up the Investment Talks initiative. He is an Investment Officer knowledge expert.
Jan Vergote: central bankers and inflation... quo vadis?
In the last month, we have seen a sharp recovery in the stock market that most analysts (including myself) found surprising. Let us briefly go