Asset allocations

Asset allocation

Quintet's head office in the centre of Luxembourg town. Photo: IO.
Quintet still sees long term quality in tech stocks
Quintet Private Bank sees “significant long-term opportunities” in a world that has experienced multiple ‘black-swan’ type events – Covid-19, the invasion of Ukraine and a
Niall Ferguson addressing the 2022 Amundi World Investment Forum in Paris. Photo: Amundi.
A rerun of the 1970s requires a profound rethink
It’s not difficult to compare today’s era to the 1970s. An energy crisis, a hot war, a cold war, persistent inflation, soaring interest rates, rising house prices. Even Abba, with its flared trousers, is performing again, albeit as a hologram. For investors, a rerun of the 1970s would require a profound rethink.
Terry Smith, Chief Investment Officer at Fundsmith. Photo: Fundsmith.
Britain's Warren Buffett: 'Doing nothing is hard'
British asset manager Fundsmith follows a simple strategy: invest in strong companies, don't pay too much and then keep them in the portfolio, preferably forever
Bear & bull
Top 5: US equity funds risk-adjusted
Over the past five years, US equities have shown superior performance. Measured over the five years ending May 2022, the S&P 500 index achieved an
Mao Zedong's photo in Beijing. Photo via Pixabay.
Top 5: Chinese bond funds: HSBC GIF RMB in the lead
Chinese bonds have defied the general negative trend in bond and credit markets this year until recently, but ended May with heavy losses. Three Chinese
Euro note excerpt. Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr CC BY 20.0
As yields rise, interest in Euro government bonds picks up
As yields increase, several fund houses have recently bought European government bonds, following the 'huge sell-off' in this market. In the meantime, commodities should ease
Top 5. Photo by Joanna Poe via Flickr CC BY 2.0
Top 5: Ruffer leads Global Neutral Allocation Mix Funds
The neutral mixed fund portfolio consisting of 50 percent equities and 50 percent bonds remains popular despite year-to-date losses. The Morningstar EUR Moderate Allocation -
Top-5: the largest Article 9 ‘dark green’ impact funds
The introduction of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation should enable investors to better assess investment funds on their sustainability merits. The framework divides the
Oil tanker near Malaysia. Photo via Unsplash.
Fossil fuels: ‘reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’
Despite a wider uptake of alternative energy, fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal are here to stay for the next decades and the
Forestry investments. Photo via Unsplash.
Amid pulp shortage, forest funds promote sustainability
Investing in trees might at first not seem the quickest route to wealth. Yet timber investments increasingly leverage their clear connection to sustainability and their long-term real asset investment characteristics. Timber investments, although not suited for everyone, can serve as a hedge against inflation, and as a commodity that can benefit from strong economic growth.