Asset allocations

Asset allocation

Raj Shant, Jennison
EM investing: no confidence in China
Investors in emerging markets should completely ignore the 60 per cent worst performing companies when defining their investment universe. These companies bring extra risk, without
Oil refinery stock shot
ING adjusts portfolios to turbulent energy market
While the price of gas shot through the roof last week, it seems that a real energy crisis can be avoided in the short term
Martine Vissers and Niels Bodenheim
Is illiquidity in private markets still an issue?
The question is whether the illiquidity of private markets is still an issue if the market becomes more volatile again. Especially when you realise that
Coal-fired power station
Roadmap to CO2 neutrality: exclude or engage?
With the upcoming COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the pressure on pension funds to green their investment portfolios increases. At the same time, the
Chahine: European equities & value most attractive now
Chahine Capital's macroeconomic analysis shows that European equities and value are now the most attractive in this cycle. The European risk premium is particularly high
Karim Leguel, JP Morgan
Hedge funds offer escape route from low-yield markets
The search for yield is causing a rotation among institutional investors from classical investments to better yielding alternatives, such as hedge funds. Insurers such as
Rolando Grand, LFDE
LFDE: Space is the next big thing
Rolando Grandi, a fund manager with La Financière de l’Echiquier has highlighted the huge opportunities linked to the development of the space sector, with many
Smokestacks & windmill
ESG ETFs focus on market cap, not climate score
Research by French think-tank Edhec shows that ETFs that are so-called “Paris aligned” take the climate score into account for no more than 12% of
Philippe Gijsels, BNP Paribas Fortis
A value-growth barbell strategy
The 10-year and 30-year US yields are pushing towards the top of their trend channels. These interest rates are all-important for the further evolution of
Thomas van der Meij, VLK
Listed infrastructure as inflation hedge
With listed infrastructure companies passing inflation directly on to their customers, investors can use them as a hedge against rising inflation, according Thomas van der