Asset allocations

Asset allocation

Morningstar Top-5: High yield bond funds with lowest ratings 
Morningstar Top-5: lowest-rated high yield funds
High-yield bonds are not equal. In the US market this year, the difference in spreads between bonds with credit ratings of CCC and below versus
Top-5 Global High Yield: outperformance in Q3
After two consecutive red quarters, global high-yield bond funds closed the third quarter with handsome gains. Yet it is premature to speak of a trend
Top 5 Emerging Market Debt funds: NNIP in the lead
Top 5 Emerging Market Debt funds: NNIP in the lead
Funds investing in emerging market bonds lost for the third quarter in a row when measured in dollars, but made a small gain in euros
Morningstar Top 5 Emerging Markets Stocks: Acadian leads
Morningstar Top 5 Emerging Markets Stocks: Acadian leads
For emerging markets, the third quarter of this year was almost the exact mirror image of the second quarter. The MSCI EM index recorded an
‘If interest rates peak in six months, now is time to act’
Many investors are on the fence about re-entering the badly battered bond market when the bottom may be near. The smart ones will want to enter the market well before interest rates hit their peak, says Michael Gitlin, partner and head of fixed income at Capital Group.
‘Infrastructure is an attractive inflation hedge’
‘Infrastructure is an attractive inflation hedge’
Infrastructure is not immune to the current economic malaise, but it is important to isolate macroeconomic variables for each investment. “Analysing sectors or asset classes
Jerome Powell, President of the Federal Reserve.
Probably the best and worst year ever for bonds
This will probably be the worst but also the best year for bonds ever. Rising interest rates and credit spreads are causing hefty price losses
Jan Longeval, independent investment strategist and Senior Advisor of Eurinvest Partners
‘Gold remains an insurance policy against chaos’
Gold prices have been struggling since the beginning of the year, quoting below $1,700 per ounce, definitely indicating a downward trend. On Wednesday, the Federal
Top 5 Defensive mix funds
Morningstar's Top 5: Fidelity leads defensive mix funds
It has been a challenging period so far for both equities and bonds in 2022. The era of loose monetary policy is over as inflation
As inflation subsides, M&G Investments eyes slowdown and war
As inflation subsides, M&G eyes slowdown and war
Central bank interest rate hikes seems to have had their desired effect, with signs pointing to the end of the very high inflation of late